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  1. Build Projects
    I don't know if this falls under a build, but it's definitely a project. Been working on my car for a while, got sick, not sick, so now I'm going through a huge amount of footage. This is the result of what I think is gonna be my consistent output. Like/comment/subscribe ya ya ya I don't care...
  2. Pro Touring
  3. Fifth Generation
    This time its from Brit Chris Harris. Notice how often he mentions how crappy the solid axle is on the Mustang, sorry gen1-4 fans but solid axles suck! Sounds like he likes the Mustang a...
  4. American Auto Wire
    In this video series that coincided with the release of our 1959-1960 Impala Classic Update kit, Don Bock chronicles the installation of the kit in a 1960 Bel Air. The fifth episode premiered Monday, check them all out! In other news, American Autowire recently released our new 1970 Mustang...
  5. American Auto Wire
    If your car has American Autowire wiring and you are going to be at NSRA Louisville, show us your stuff! Our videographer, Markus, will be there to capture video of your rides, vehicle stats, and your thoughts about American Autowire. Your video will be posted on the American Autowire website...
1-5 of 6 Results