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  1. Searching for historical race car

    Bench Racing
    Looking for 1967 Z28 Camaro VIN#124377N195134 This is well known Pacific Northwest Racing Camaro. Original owner Lauire Craig is trying to find status of his old car. 1st Z28 ordered in Canada. Historical information and documentation available. [email protected] (907) 623-0973 :hurray:
  2. Buying 70 Camaro-Can't Find Engine VIN Stamping

    Second Generation
    Hi, I am purchasing a 1970 Camaro with a 350ci CI engine from the original owner who states the engine is original to the car. The Engine Plant Stamping Codes on the front of the block are the correct ones for the car and dates are appropriate. The issue is this. The partial VIN stamping is...
  3. L72 copo

    Tag Team
    Hello everyone, I'm new to Camaros and this forum. I need some help with a car I'm researching for a friend. We are looking for engine stamps, vin stamps, partial hidden body numbers and any other identifying numbers on components in the car like axles and drive train. I've seen a number of...
  4. Real Tag

    Tag Team
    I'm looking at a 69 Z28 on ebay The VIN and trim tag seem out of sequence to me. The TT claims 4th week of Dec and a VIN of N570151 seems to be January '69. Is...
  5. Z/28 Cowl tag to vin question

    Tag Team
    I am hoping you guys can help figure out this dilema. My brother purchased a 69 Z/28 a few months ago. It has all the Z/28 markings. 4 leaf suspension, dual hanger exhaust, disc brakes, close ratio manual steering etc. It has original Lemans blue all over it. As you can see in the pictures it is...
  6. 1969 Camaro trim tag stolen KY X11

    Tag Team
    I have had a '69 camaro stored outside at my friends house for a few years. Just recently, I noticed the trim tag missing. It has been stolen in the last 2 to 3 years (I think). I bought the car on ebay and somewhere I think I have a picture of it. I hope that I do so, I can catch the crook...
  7. Found Protecto plate-1968 conv

    Tag Team
    I recently found a chevy 1968 protection plan, all info filled out in the book, w/ attached protecto plate. I also have receipts from all services done during the period. I dont have the car-was my dads a long, long time ago. I figure maybe someone on this forum, can point me in the right...
  8. Lost Title Help

    Bench Racing
    I am doing a 69 camaro for a friend. Last time the car was titled was in California. He now lives in Colorado and has misplaced the title. He has owned it for 28 years and it was in his name in California. He has called Colorado DMV about the lost title and they say get ahold of California DMV...
  9. Build date verification of 1969 Muncie M20

    Tag Team
    Hello, Can somebody tell me if there would be a difference in the trans code stamps between a Muncie M20 trans built in October, 1968 versus one built in October 1969 for a 1969 Z28? Recall 1969 was a long model year for camaros so there were 2 October's worth of camaros built in one model...