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vintage air

  1. 1969 W/ Bunch of mismatched parts; need guidance

    Heating & Cooling
    Hey guys, I'm in a pickle... I have a 69' Camaro w/ a 396BB and an American Grafitti AC Delete box & AC heater core on the firewall...Original AC evaporator box still on the dash pad for Non-AC car....missing pieces as far as the vents and ducting goes underneath....and no kick...
  2. Classic auto air firewall template help

    Heating & Cooling
    Hi all, I am right in the middle of my classic auto air install on a factory air 69 camaro. So far the directions and figment have been great but the supplies template just does not seem right. When I line up the template as indicated the hole for the drain ends up overlapping with the bottom...
  3. Vintage Air fan problem

    Heating & Cooling
    Have vintage air on 69 camaro big block. Just installed FAST EZ-EFI and MSD 6AL ignition. Now when the engine is running with the vintage air controls in the off position. The fan turns itself on and off (intermittent) at different speeds for short periods of time.. Any ideas? Vintage Air tech...
  4. Hiding A/C Wiring and Relays

    Heating & Cooling
    PO installed Gen IV VA and left the relays and wiring screwed all over the engine compartment, mostly on passenger side fender. I want to hide everything so I don't have to look at it, but want it someplace dry, of course. 1) Do I move it inside the firewall somewhere? 2) If so (or no)...