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  1. Forum Classifieds
    Looking for a voltage regulator dated 7d for my 67 camaro 770-366-2475 thanks shannon
  2. Electrical & Wiring
    My '67 Camaro has a 350 87-88 model engine. I have an electronic ignition. I'm only getting 11.92 volts to the distributor. Would this cause my engine to run rich? I've tried three different carbureters and I still have the problem of running rich. A friend said that I may not be getting...
  3. Performance
    I have underdrive pulleys on my camaro and the msd coils. i want to add the msd ignition box dis-4 p/n 62152 and adapters plus a few other things and am scared that my current oem alternator wont do the job. will moving up to 140 amp alternator be a good move and give me back a decent idle voltage?
  4. Electrical & Wiring
    On the dash its reading 9 volts and every now and then the car will stall out if I have the radio and the headlights on. Also it dies very fast if I leave the door open for more then a minute the car won't start. Went to autozone and the Alt is reading fine and the starter is fine as well. If it...
  5. Electrical & Wiring
    Well folks, I have developed yet another problem. Battery went dead (dome light left on, I think). Chrged her back up, turned it over, started right up. Shut it off, tried to re-start 5 seconds later....nothing at all. Gen light comes on, dome light dims and all other guage lights go off when I...
1-5 of 5 Results