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  1. New weatherstrip (can't get trunk lid to close)

    Body Shop
    I recently bought an OEM weatherstrip for my 68', the the old one was nowhere to be found. I installed it and knew immediately that my trunk was not going to close. I talked to one of the guys I work with and he told me to adjust the latch on the deck lid so that I can shut it and it the...
  2. How does your weatherstripping compare?

    So I've had my camaro since I was 15 (back in 1988). Back then I put in some new weatherstripping, I used the Soffseal brand. Ive been very happy with it, I think its held up very well over the last 25 years. One thing tho that I noticed the day I put it in, is the upper roof rail channel...
  3. OER Latex Weatherstrip or Metro Weatherstrip?

    What is the best weatherstrip everyone is using. I have the Soft Seal on the doors and Metro on the trunk. The door weatherstrip are starting to tear apart and metro worked good but sticks sometimes and has pulled the rubber off in a couple places. I also did not like the look of the Metro...
  4. 68 Camaro roof rail weather strip channel

    Body Shop
    Hey guys, I am curious of the location of the roof rail weatherstrip channel. I put mine back in where they were located before the car was painted. But I am having a hard time getting the side and quarter windows to suck up into the weaterstrip. I am wondering if the channels are too far...
  5. 1968 convertible top winshield trim assembly

    HELP!!! Thanks in advance... I have a 68 vert and am about to reassemble the trim and weatherstrip for the front windshield and need massive help. I have replaced the upper dash and upper cowl so that screws things up from the glass support and trim clip side of life. I do have the old dash so...
  6. Windows and Weatherstripping

    Camaro Tech
    Hi, I have a 1967 Camaro and I was wondering if anyone can refer an auto glass shop in San Diego to me. It would be a plus if the shop does windows and weatherstripping at the same location. I've gotten my front windshield replaced once and it still leaked water on rainy days. I wasted my time...