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  1. Tire Choices - Free

    Wheels & Tires
    Hey all, Doing some work for a client and may be able to get a set of tires out of it. Thinking about the Falken RT615K, which is Falken's most aggressive tire available. Supposedly really sticky and pretty good overall. I'm not so much concerned about the tread life since I don't drive it as...
  2. WTB: '69 Wheel Well "Lip" Moldings

    Forum Classifieds
    Really good drivers or new GM's. Please note: No first born or arms to be had, so please only respond with reasonable sale offers.
  3. Wheels required for WA registration

    Wheels & Tires
    Hi All, I finally found and purchased my dream Camaro. Now while I wait the painful shipping time, I'm hoping someone can help my find some wheels/tyres to use for licensing the car, as I'm guessing she won't pass with the current 20's/18's that are fitted. I'd be happy to pay to rent some...
  4. Rally Wheel help.... XG

    Wheels & Tires
    I have a set of 14x6 rally wheels that I picked up several years ago from an old body shop. These are GM wheels and are coded as. K 182 8 (valve stem hole) 30 XG. What does this mean? One still has the GM sticker on it. They are all black and appear to have never been on a car. I would like...
  5. 17" / 18" Autodrag Wheels?

    Wheels & Tires
    Hi, Does anyone know of anyone who makes a wheel like a Centerline Autodrag, but in a 17" or 18" diameter? I don't want to spend $800+ for a custom 3 piece wheel, but I'd like to keep the look of the wheels I currently have on my 67. Thanks in advance for any help! -Louie
  6. Wheel & Tire Size

    Second Generation
    Hey, I have a 1979 camaro z28, does anybody know whats the biggest rim and tire size I can go with? I have a stock rear in there. I want to drag strip my car. I would like to put Mickey ET on them. Please let me know rim & tire size. Oh I like to go with a 15" rim. Thanks jim
  7. Steering Wheel Dimensions

    Hey, I just bought a steering wheel. To my surprise it seems a little "ovalish". I was under the impression that the 67 Camaro Steering wheel would be perfectly round. My wheel measures about 16" wide and about 15.2" tall. These measurements are taken as if it was mounted with the cars wheels...