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  1. 68 Wheel and Tire setup - please help

    Wheels & Tires
    Please Help with wheel and tire setup Right now i have 17s , but deciding to either get new wheels with same setup or move to 18”. My current setup: Front: 17x8, 4.5bs, 0 offset, 235/45 Rear: 17x8, 4.5bs, 0 offset, 245/45 Measurements from ground to fender: Gap between rear tire and fender...
  2. Help with 18" wheels CCW classics

    Wheels & Tires
    hey guys, i've finally decided which wheels I like most, CCW Classics, and should be ready in a couple of months to place an order. I was hoping on getting some advice on wheel & tire sizes for my 68 Camaro. I'm planning to go with 18" wheels. My current setup: for reference to help with new...
  3. AR105 Torqu Thrust - Full black

    Wheels & Tires
    Decided to re-paint my AR105's 17" in full black. Best decision ever!
  4. Wheel Size for 1968 Camaro

    Camaro Tech
    Apologize if this question has been asked/answered previously. I have a stock suspension 1968 Camaro SS and I am looking to put 15X8 steel wheels (dog dish) on the back with 4.25" backspace and 255/60/15 tires. Will these fit? Looking to go 15x7 up front, but open to other thoughts. Thanks
  5. YJ 14x7 Rally Wheels set of 4

    Forum Classifieds
    Set of 4 YJ rally wheels. 3 dated K19 2 6 YJ, 1 dated K19 2 8 YJ. All are Feb. 1969. New stainless trim rings still in box, 4 very nice used caps. $750.00 plus shipping. I can not get pictures to load so I can send pictures . 501-450-0324
  6. Chevy Rally wheels and tires

    Forum Classifieds
    Chevy Rally wheels. Set of 4 15 x 7. BFG TA radials. Raised white letter tires. P255 60 R15 (rears) 1500 miles. Excellent condition. Fronts are P235 60 R15. 6700 miles. Great tread but I think they have a flat spot on each and am not valuing them a lot. Located in Ocala FL. Prefer local pickup...
  7. Tires and wheels for sale: New

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    I started my build as a multi-phase fix it for now, then do the major mods later. So, I invested in brakes, front suspension, wheels, tires, wiring and went out to the garage, where I found the car in worse shape than I imagined. So, I then put the parts in the basement and started a frame off...
  8. 1969 Camaro with 20" bonspeed Delta Wheels

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    Shown is the bonspeed DELTA in a Polished finish. This 1969 Camaro is NOT mini-tubbed and it features 20X8.5 and 20X10 All bonspeed Wheels are individually machined in Anaheim, California Visit our website for additional information at: Call our tech line...
  9. 1972 Camaro 19X8 & 20X12 bonspeed Huntington Wheels

    Wheels & Tires
    Wrong location
  10. Mini-tubbed '68 with 18X11's

    Pro Touring
  11. 1968 Camaro on 18X8 and 18X11

    Wheels & Tires
    Here is a 1968 Camaro I did for a customer. We call the wheel a T-Rex and the set-up is on a mini-tubbed Camaro FRONT: 18X8 (4.50 b.s.) REAR: 18X11 (6.50 b.s.)
  12. Starting a New Project 1969 Camaro (Photo)

    New Member Introductions
    I have been here many times, but just joined. I am starting another project and thought hey I'll join up. This car will have the 572 crate motor and use tubular a-arms and mini-tubs, but not a pro-touring style.
  13. 5th Gen Wheels and Tires

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    I have 12 Stock 5th Gen wheels, tires, and TPS. These are the base wheels and were taken off for upgrades. Tire size is 245/55/18 BFG Radial T/A Spec. These are factory mounted and balanced dealer takeoffs and they all have approximately 4 miles on them. All in excellent condition. They are...
  14. Classic tires on a 1968 camaro

    Wheels & Tires
    I have a 1968 Camaro convertible. I want to run 15” rally wheels (FW code with 4.25” backset) on the car and classic tires (Goodyear preferred). The rear has stock leaf springs but the front has 1” lowered coils. From floor to top edge of front fender lip currently is 26.5” (running 235/40-18...
  15. 2 Sets of Rally Wheels(Chrome/Steel) for sale

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    I have 2 sets of Rally Wheels for sale: 16 x 8 Chrome Rally's with 4.5 backspace... with aftermarket Derby Caps with less than 2,000 miles in great condition...$300 plus shipping. 15 x 7 Steel Rally wheels...need blasted/sanded and painted. Trim rings are included but aren't much...$160 plus...
  16. BOSS Motorsports Rims

    Wheels & Tires
    Hello all, I know a lot of people are considering the new BOSS 338 rims for their camaros. I just thought I'd share my experience. I'm planning on putting 18x8's on the front and 20x10's on the rear of my 67 camaro. I purchased these rims and so far these are the problems I encountered: -the...
  17. big as can get

    Wheels & Tires
    I have a 2000 camaro and want to go to a 18" rim, how wide and how big of tires and wheels will fit? Want as wide as possible, having a hard time finding wheels and tires but can find corvette wheels that are 10.5 wide, will they fit? any help?
  18. Back on the road in Orlando

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, finally got my 69 Camaro back on the road after sitting for 10-12 years. I'm still working on some things. I could use some help. I want to do 4 wheel disc brakes however I like the smaller 15" wheels. Will I still be able to use a 12" rotor with a 15" wheel or do I need to go to a...
  19. Offset and lip for Gen1

    Wheels & Tires
    I've got a Gen1 on the way to me. (sweet, i know) I'm trying to find any info on how much offset, lip and backspacing i can get away with and coming up empty. I'll be converting the front to discs, which juts it out 1/4 inch, and standard drums on the back. Lowered 2 inches. 19's on the back...
  20. All wheels on sale

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    For all you guys that like multi piece forged wheels you should give us a shout. We will make any design you want and our quality is exceptional as well as our prices !!!! If any of you want Torque Thrusts, well we can get them for you as well through our other company !!! Pretty much we...