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  1. Driver door jams when window is down

    Body Shop
    If my driver window is rolled out, even slightly, the door jams from the outside and won't open. The door button can't be pressed fully in. From inside, the door opens. Just jams from the outside. Any idea why? solution?
  2. Who makes the best reproduction window regulators?

    Body Shop
    I haven’t seen this question answered for about 10 years on this site and vendor quality certainly can change in that time! I need to replace them on my 69, std interior, as the scissors mechanism is completely worn out. I have run across the brands of OER and Dorman so far. What experience...
  3. Window Glass Restoration

    Restoration Corner
    Hey everyone. I'm getting ready to convert my crank windows to power. I have all original glass. Not including the passenger side, aside from minor defects, the glass is in pretty decent shape. There are a couple somewhat deepr scratches on the passenger side however. I would like to renew all...
  4. Rear Interior Side Panel removal

    Rear side window in about a 1/2" to far inside when it is rolled up. Does not seal. What is the best way to remove the Rear Interior Side Panel? Need to remove so I can look at the window crank.
  5. Best Seal Manufacturer???

    Body Shop
    I'm looking for some feedback from the community about replacement seals for my 67 coupe. In the past I've purchased individual seals from Soff Seal, MMP, and Classic Industries. I now have the car at the body shop getting repainted and I need to replace all the door, window, and other assorted...
  6. Vent window rubber. Clips ?

    Restoration Corner
    I have just got my new vent window rubbers for my 67 and I noticed when the old ones were removed the remains of three little clips. Both sides are stripped, I managed to save two clips, the others were just rust. Question shall I bother to find a set to put the rubber back in or should...
  7. Passenger side window wont work

    Camaro Tech
    hey i just got my 2000 camaro but the passenger side window does not work at all, any ideas on how to fix it?
  8. Quarter Window Manual regulator pair

    Forum Classifieds
    I have a great pair of manual quarter window regulators from a 1969 Coupe with standard interior. (short stems) The longer stems were for deluxe interiors. Work great, just need to be cleaned up. (greasy and dusty) The grease and dust are both free. :D $60 per set plus shipping. I have several...
  9. Complete weather stripping for 68

    Body Shop
    Hello im new to this forum and im not big on them so if you guy would take it easy on me it would be much a pritiated. I am looking for weather stripping for my 68 camaro and was wondering whats the best deal?? i need everything, door seals, window, u joints, felt, everything heres the kit i was...
  10. the window crisis

    Electrical & Wiring
    The power window on the passenger side of my 81 camaro Z28 won't go up, does anyone have an idea of what it could be
  11. Best top frame replacement

    I purchased a 69 convertible project recently. The good news is the body is absolutely mint. The not-so-good news is that there is absolutely no top, interior or trim. When I say no top, I mean no frame, material, mechanics, electrics, hydraulics, boot etc. Nothing. No carpet, no seats, no...
  12. Help installing vent window assembly on a new door

    Body Shop
    Can anyone tell me the correct distance between the chrome vent window frame and the A-Pillar on a 67 Camaro coupe? I put two new doors on my 67 and it seems like I’ll need to do some modifications to the doors to get this correct. If anyone has a close-up picture they can send me I would...
  13. Door glass install problems

    Camaro Tech[email protected]/2612383488/ I had an older post with no picture. This picture shoows the half balls holding the glass away from the outer belt moulding. I can adjust it closer but it is still about 1/4 inch away. I am about to grind down the balls on the glass. Any...
  14. manual window handle replacement?

    I have an 86 camaro with a manual window and the handle/crank is stripped out and I'm not sure how to take the crank off the door...