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  1. Body Shop
    I guess it was bound to happen. My glass was all stored in my garage in Mass. When we decided to sell our house in Mass, glass got carefully moved to storage in Mass. Then moved to storage in Fl. Then moved to different storage in Fl. Then moved to house in Fl. This weekend we sold the...
  2. Restoration Corner
    I'd like to reproduce the date stamp on my windshield pump assembly shown in the image below. Does anyone have any recommendations on a company who can reproduce a rubber stamp? Thanks
  3. Body Shop
    I recently bought OER windshield and back glass trim kits from Classic and had them powdercoated before installing them on my freshly painted 67. I had the glass guy put in new clips, etc. when he replaced the windshield and re-set the back glass. Man, I am really disappointed in the fit! The...
  4. Body Shop
    I just had my 67 painted and as part of the body work I had the antenna hole filled. I (naively) assumed that the aftermarket would have windshields with built in antennas for this car. Does anyone know of someone who makes such an item? I can run a antenna under the dash if I have to, but I...
  5. Second Generation
    hey i have a 79 berlinetta. I can't seem to figure out why the windshield washer pump will not shut off. It is a new pump, and from what I understand, has a mechanical shutoff? Any advice is much appreciated, Thanx.
  6. Restoration Corner
    Need correct part number for original 68 wiper motor...10B build. Mine says 5045555, which comes out of a 68 Chevelle. Don't want that in my Camaro. Thx
1-6 of 6 Results