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  1. 67 Camaro wiring help

    Camaro Tech
    Hello Everyone, I am restoring a 67 Camaro and the wiring was a mess and wiring is not my thing. I ordered a new Engine harness (CA71982) it has these wires that I'm not sure what they go to. I'm thinking the distributor but I have a HEI style so not sure how to wire them
  2. Engine Firewall

    I am putting back together my 1969 RS Camaro. I have the oil pressure line in the #4 location, but I suspect it isn't supposed to go there. Can anyone tell me what goes in the locations?
  3. Plug wires under headers

    Has anyone out there ran plug wires under the headers? I am doing a tune up on my 68 327 and thought about doing that route with some race fit wires. The heat makes me worry, but Im not highly experienced with this topic. I like have the wires out of the way, but my old setup had the moroso...
  4. A Wiring issue?

    Electrical & Wiring
    I have a 67 Camaro, and a new wiring harness must of been put in at one time or another, then the battery was moved to the trunk. I'm installing a MSD box and found when trying to connect it up there was a lot of old wires and fuse links raped up in black tape. digging further the volt regulator...
  5. Wires???????

    Camaro Tech
    I have a 79 camaro and in the process of removing the a/c ducts and wiring and not sure what needs to stay and what can go...I'm looking for a simple way to find out the basic needs on figuring what I need to be safe and what to look out please shed some light on my situation...