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  1. Camaro Tech
    Hello Everyone, I am restoring a 67 Camaro and the wiring was a mess and wiring is not my thing. I ordered a new Engine harness (CA71982) it has these wires that I'm not sure what they go to. I'm thinking the distributor but I have a HEI style so not sure how to wire them
  2. Engine
    I am putting back together my 1969 RS Camaro. I have the oil pressure line in the #4 location, but I suspect it isn't supposed to go there. Can anyone tell me what goes in the locations?
  3. Engine
    Has anyone out there ran plug wires under the headers? I am doing a tune up on my 68 327 and thought about doing that route with some race fit wires. The heat makes me worry, but Im not highly experienced with this topic. I like have the wires out of the way, but my old setup had the moroso...
  4. Electrical & Wiring
    I have a 67 Camaro, and a new wiring harness must of been put in at one time or another, then the battery was moved to the trunk. I'm installing a MSD box and found when trying to connect it up there was a lot of old wires and fuse links raped up in black tape. digging further the volt regulator...
  5. Camaro Tech
    I have a 79 camaro and in the process of removing the a/c ducts and wiring and not sure what needs to stay and what can go...I'm looking for a simple way to find out the basic needs on figuring what I need to be safe and what to look out please shed some light on my situation...
1-5 of 5 Results