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  1. Tag Team
    What is the real difference between X33 and X77? I have seen so many on the Internet for sale stating "restored" X77 yet it has chrome trim on door driprails and wheel openings. I thought that would only be on X33 cars. Mine is an X33 survivor with original drivetrain with matching numbers...
  2. Engine
    I was looking for some input on rebuilding my 302 out of my 69 X77. I was looking for any tips for the rebuild other than keep it as stock as possible. I have most all the original parts 1178 837 480 186's carb and intake etc missing some hardware stock fuel line and a few brackets. But...
  3. What's it worth?
    I have a 69 Z/28, with what I believe to be the original drivetrain. I do not have any paperwork with the car, only owner history. Do you think I would benefit enough having Mr. MacNeish inspect the car and write up a certification, or would I be smarter to not to spend that money and just sell...

    No longer a 302 car, Chevy 468, Merlin Rectangular Port Heads 2.190" 1.880", Mechanical Comp Cam 637 lift 270 Duration .050, 7/16 Full Floating Rods, Genuine GM Steel Crank, Moroso deep pan and Windage Tray, Hooker Super Comp Headers, Super T-10 4 Spd trans, Hurst Shifter, Hays Clutch