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  1. New Member Introductions
    My dad and I are looking to purchase a 1969 z28 x33/x77 mostly original car, if possible. We have a 1968 z28 RS that we could trade. It does need some work but has all parts for it. You can inquire and we can send pics more info, if interested.
  2. Tag Team
    What is the real difference between X33 and X77? I have seen so many on the Internet for sale stating "restored" X77 yet it has chrome trim on door driprails and wheel openings. I thought that would only be on X33 cars. Mine is an X33 survivor with original drivetrain with matching numbers...
  3. Engine
    I was looking for some input on rebuilding my 302 out of my 69 X77. I was looking for any tips for the rebuild other than keep it as stock as possible. I have most all the original parts 1178 837 480 186's carb and intake etc missing some hardware stock fuel line and a few brackets. But...
  4. What's it worth?
    I have a 69 Z/28, with what I believe to be the original drivetrain. I do not have any paperwork with the car, only owner history. Do you think I would benefit enough having Mr. MacNeish inspect the car and write up a certification, or would I be smarter to not to spend that money and just sell...

    No longer a 302 car, Chevy 468, Merlin Rectangular Port Heads 2.190" 1.880", Mechanical Comp Cam 637 lift 270 Duration .050, 7/16 Full Floating Rods, Genuine GM Steel Crank, Moroso deep pan and Windage Tray, Hooker Super Comp Headers, Super T-10 4 Spd trans, Hurst Shifter, Hays Clutch
1-5 of 5 Results