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    The car had the same standard suspension as the Z/28, with only the addition of traction bars on the rear suspension to keep wheel hop under control. The Chevrolet Camaro is truly one of the greatest cars ever made. The legendary pony car codenamed Panther was first unveiled on September 26...
  2. Tips & Tricks
    I appreciate everyone who left me any onformaton on the Holley 4346 780 CFM. It runs great on the camaro. Dianna
  3. HomePage News
    Hi everyone, I just wanted to give you an update on our '68 Z28 RS Camaro MO British Green...Chris has packed the 302 up and put some Dart Heads on it. Had them ported really good, which cost a arm and your 1st born. Put a crower cam in it. A MSD Starter and Box w/ rev. and a few other things...
  4. Second Generation
    I have a 79 z28, right now the tires are 205 70r15 on 15x7 all the way around I’m looking to get used tires for a little till it’s up and running completely. got new wheels 15x7 in front 15x8 in rear. I want something more beefy. Any suggestions please
  5. Forum Classifieds
    I am looking to buy a 1968 (only) Camaro Z28. Not looking at any other year. May look at a SS. If you try to sell me a Z28, make sure you have documents with it. Just seem like there are more Z28 cars for sale right now then Chevy made in 1968.... Not looking for one that had been has had a...
  6. Forum Classifieds
    I'm selling these awesome Chris Alston spindles and steering arms because I'm moving my project in a different direction. Spindles: Billet Aluminum, Tall, stock height, 64-72 A-F-X-bodies...
  7. New Member Introductions
    MY NAME is Sara. I run a classic muscle store with my partner out if NY. SPECIALIZE in 1st and 2nd Gen Camaros!! Looking forward to being in touch with all the fellow camaro lovers.
  8. Forum Classifieds
    In high school I owned a 1969 Camaro Z28. I am now looking for it or one just like it. If anyone has or knows where I can find the following car please let me know. Any condition 1969 Camaro Z28 Lemans blue with white stripes White vinyl top White interior (not houndstooth) Thanks in advance
  9. Forum Classifieds
    Private cash buyer looking for an original 1967 Z28 or L78 Camaro. Finder's fee for info that leads to a purchase.
  10. Tag Team
    Excellent read and vehicle history investigative tips. Looking for 1967 Z28 VIN#124377N195134
  11. Engine
    To begin, this is my first thread. The first of many, I'm sure. I am currently restoring a 68' Z but have run into a small issue regarding the V belt diagram. Originally the car had 2 belts. One from P/S to crank and another from ALT to water pump to crank. No A/C, no smog. I recently spoke with...
  12. What's it worth?
    What would you give for this two owner 1970 Camaro Z28, never wrecked. It's been sitting for over 30 years in the Arizona mountains. Still retains all of the original numbers matching parts, 12 bolt differential, 4 speed, interior, badges, and more. Sad part is the original LT1 was destroyed in...
  13. Camaro Tech
    :hurray:Searching for famous 1967 Z28 road race car. VIN# 124377N195134 Please contact me with any info. Pics included in link.
  14. Bench Racing
    Looking for 1967 Z28 Camaro VIN#124377N195134 This is well known Pacific Northwest Racing Camaro. Original owner Lauire Craig is trying to find status of his old car. 1st Z28 ordered in Canada. Historical information and documentation available. [email protected] (907) 623-0973 :hurray:
  15. Engine
    I was looking for some input on rebuilding my 302 out of my 69 X77. I was looking for any tips for the rebuild other than keep it as stock as possible. I have most all the original parts 1178 837 480 186's carb and intake etc missing some hardware stock fuel line and a few brackets. But...
  16. What's it worth?
    Hey guys, after reading the sticky for this topic I am hesitant to post, but hopefully this fits the topic criteria and will help revive the topic. I am a new Team Camaro member and new 1st gen Camaro owner. I was looking for input on the value of my vehicle. It is a 1969 Camaro Z/28 X33...
  17. Tag Team
    can any body tell me what the b1 , b2 , b3 or b4 stamp means under the part number on a z stat housing. mine reads " 3827369" under that it says b3 I am sure b 1 through 4 means something I just cant find any info on it???????? :(
  18. New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone: I am in the process of acquiring a 1971 Z28 (Classic Copper) so I thought I would sign up and learn a few things about the car. I had a 1972 SS during my college days (a long time ago) and then in 1994 went to the darkside by acquiring a 1965 Mustang GT Fastback. I have taken...
  19. What's it worth?
    I am looking into the possibility of purchasing a 1971 Camaro Z28. I had another classic car, but sold it since I really wanted to get a Z28. I found one that is in fantastic condition, but the engine, transmission, etc. has been extensively modified. These modifications were very...
  20. Restoration Corner
    did all 1967 z28's have a cowl air intake and dual 4bbl carbs?
1-20 of 44 Results