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1 of 1 69 Z28?

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I am sure everyone has seen this camaro already:

Reading through their information about it, I see they say it is 1 of 1. How can they claim this? My 69 Z was tuxedo black with the - - paint code. I really don't understand how they can make this claim. Am I missing something?
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Typical of internet hype. I thought the M22 was the only trans you could get on a Z28, not an "option." Although not having researched it, I seriously doubt it was the only tuxedo black Z without stripes. Looks like a real find though!

Thought question: Why buy a new Z28 in '69 and not drive it all these years? Hmm.
Without all 1969 Camaro production records it is easy to make claims like this.

In John DeLorean's book he states that in 1969 Chevrolet offered so many options and build configurations that it was possible for Chevrolet to build 1,000,000 cars with no two alike. He mentions the Camaro dash cluster as an example of the madness: 2,360 possible configurations.

So when someone states their car is "one of one" take it with a grain of salt. With all of the colors, interiors and other options many 1969 Camaros could be "one of one."

BTW while a 4-speed trans was a mandatory option for the Z/28 all three [M20 wide ratio M21 close ratio M22 HD] were available.
That's what I thought, but it still cracks me up when I see claims such as these. All of the former owners of my car claim in had an M22 in it, but I think many people thought the M20's and M21's were M22's.
My original muncie is just down the road at a friends...I have been meaning to check it out and see if it actually is an M22...he would probably let me have it back if the money was right.
If you think about it ALL cars are 1 of 1 . They all have different mileage, different bumps and bruises, maybe a different set of spark plugs or different anti-freeze in the radiator etc. 1 of 1 only means when it left the factory, otherwise they are all different. :)
i think the only true "1 of 1" 69 Z/28 was that one convertible built with an auto and AC for some GM executive.
I thought that was a '68
i think the only true "1 of 1" 69 Z/28 was that one convertible built with an auto and AC for some GM executive.

It was a 68 z/28 convertible built for Pete Estes
No other Camaro has rusted in quite the same pattern that mine has. So...
They are all 1 of 1. No two have the same vin number......or at least they are not suppose to. So sick of hearing it.

As far as the "1 of 1" claim based on being a black stripe delete car, probably not.

But the car is the real deal. It spent a lot of its life here in Ark. Think it may have been originally purchased here, not completely sure.
Yep .. that car is bad to the bone... That would be my ideal Z ... GM put less than 3000 M22's in the entire 1969 Camaro production run. So that is a rare car . between the gear box, the - - paint code . I love the flat hood
Anyone know what the asking price is?

I'd be willing to bet that the asking price is 1 of 1...
" paint was considered taboo back during the late 1960's"


Always was, always will be black cars. What a load. Nice car though.
" paint was considered taboo back during the late 1960's"
Still is. Just kidding, but they are a lot of work.
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