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Hello all,

I have a restored 1969 Camaro with 14 inch magnum SS style wheels and 14 inch tires. I am looking to replace this combination with quality rally wheels, centers, and trim rings in 15 X 8 rear and 15 X 7 fronts.

New tires will be 225 or 235 X 70 R15 fronts and 255 X 60 R15 rear. Tires will be B.F. Goodrich T/A radials.

The car is street driven only, 450 HP sbc, TH 350 trans, and 3:42 posi out back. Small disk brakes up front and stock drums in rear.

Looking for the names of vendors who sell this combination of wheels and tires as a package with quality wheels and attractive pricing.

Thanks for your help.

John T.
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