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12 Bolt Pinion Seal Leak

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I have a 12 bolt posi in my '68 and there is leakage at the pinion seal. Can this seal be changed without removing the rearend from the car? Is it a difficult process to do with the crush collar being affected and all? Thanks for any help on this.
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Is there a way to get a good check of the bearings without taking them out of the diff.? Thanks for your advice...sounds like you have done this many times before?
Check the pinion for up and down or in and out movement. Any movement other than rotation is bad. If it feels good and tight then the bearings may be fine.
I recently replaced the pinion seal in my GM truck. It was a simple job. Mine was cut by "of all things" a plastic bag. It twisted like a rope around the pinion and put a nice cut in the seal. A couple days ago I dodged a "plastic bag" as it drifted across the road in front of me. My Son thought it was funny 'til I reminded him what happened the last time I ran over one of those deals. :sad:
Going to help (my not so mechanical) brother do pinion seal on his 72. Basically what I have read is straight forward. Is there any differances in year, make, for the rear end hardward? Has been a very long time since I have done one, just want to be clear before I jump in. All advise is very appreciated. Thank you to all.
The pinion seal is the same on all of the 12 bolt rear ends from '65 to '72. Just be carefull about how far you drive it in. The car pinion seal is no longer available and the seal that you get today will be for a truck 12 bolt. Sometimes if you drive it in all the way the seal will contact the outer pinion bearing, which will cause the seal to fail again.
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