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Jeremy, Tim and the entire team at Miranda Built did it again. Their 1967 Camaro placed Top 10 in the Hot Rod category and Top 40 overall at the SEMA 2021 Battle of the Builders. This is another beautiful example of their creativity, skill and attention to detail. Our Infinitybox team is proud to be a part of this build.

They wired the car with our 20-Circuit Kit, inMOTION, inLINK and inRESERVE. We always to a little custom code for the Miranda Built cars to add a few modern electrical touches. Because of the distributed nature of the Infinitybox system, they can mount our MASTERCELL, POWERCELLs and inMOTION cells where they need them. All of their wire runs are short and neat. You can't see any evidence of the wiring in this car.

There is a post on our blog that goes through this Camaro in more detail. You can get there by clicking this link.

You can also get more details on the car from their website by clicking here.

Great job to the entire Miranda Built Team!
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