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1967 Camaro convertible RS/SS 396/TH400 Pace car replica. Date code 06C with fleet code
Original drivetrain. Original owner. Has Canadian documents.
Purchased from the dealer after the race, it had been painted blue because it sat unsold on the lot.
Story goes no one it with the decals on it and the tried to remove them but messed up the paint. Tried to touch up the white paint but couldn't get a good match. Painted it blue.
Original and current owner repainted it blue a long time ago, he didn't know the car was anything special.
Been through a few winters early in life and has had rust repairs done, floors and partial quarters. Work done was driver quality and would need to be restored to meet current standards.
Was on the Mosport track for the Canadian GP in 1967 and just for fun again in 2018.
Could be left as an interesting driver or restored. I saw a similar restored car sell recently for $85K
What's it worth?

1967 ad for the cars after the race. (this is not the Gorries car, but similar)




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