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I purchased this heap back in November of 09. I have been steadily working on it and have finished most of the sheet metal and am in process of skim coating. I have purchased most of my parts but I am still looking for a few original pieces. You can check the progress at:

I still need a good set of original 1968/69 hood louvers.
Would love to find a nice set of tinted glass (original) Quarter windows need to be for vert. I am told they are different from coup.
Looking for the original SS pinchweld molding for and RS car.

I also have a few parts for sale in the classified ad section. There will be more as i get nearer to finishing the car.

I think the final color will be seafrost green...originally the car was ash gold but I think that color is flat and not attractive (has a green look to it).

The interior seats will be houndstooth. I have the 12 bolt rebuilt and is looking good (4.10 posi). The motor is being stroked to a 383 with all correct flashy bits mounted to it. I will be running headers (shorties) for a bit more grunt. I am installing a vintage air system (because it is hotter than crap in PHX). The trans is a 2004r Gearstar build prepped for 400 HP (just right for this car).

The car is optioned to death.. PS, PW, PDB, tilt, A/C ...I want to do keyless entry with ignition cut off (anyone want to chime in on best way to run that I am all ears). I really would like to do power top as well but am running out of $$.

I will be running 18" rims (Boss 338) and I think Nexen 3000 tires but haven't fully decided.

For suspension I am keeping it simple. Stock mostly. 1" front spring drop. Global west offset control arm shafts. All urethane bushings and bumpers. In the rear we have multi leaf so I will stick with that...may do a drop but will have to see.

This is not a radical track or strip car just one to have fun in that looks pretty stock but has a bit of zip.
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