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Ok so for some reason I have a power top frame with manual springs. I have all the parts to convert it to power however when I did start the tear down I ran into the following.
1. The manual shoulder bolts are a different length than the I ordered the correct bolts. So then I went to install the bolts without removing the mounting brackets and...u guessed it... The longer bolts will not clear the inner wheel house/inner quarter framing. Misses it by like 1/8 or less...yes I have considered a hammer job.
2. So the I started to install the cylinders with the shorter shoulder bolt on the inside...and u guessed it .. Another issue...there is a tab on my manual mounting bracket that restricts the rotation of the cylinder as the top goes up...
Is this bracket different on a power top car???? I would assume no tab. So if I rotate the cylinder 180 degrees so that the top fitting faces down...not as fisher body shows will clear but just barely...and the hoses don't lay like it seems they should.
3. The final pain is the pump. So the install images i have seen on line show the power feed coming on the right u face the pump...and the back hose fitting facing down a bit to clear the rear seat back frame. The pump I received seems to be opposite...the rear hose fitting mounting point is high...and not low... So it hits the frame and will not sit in the mounting holes. Now I know I could rotate the the whole thing...but then the power sits in the left rear and up against the frame...I see a future raw wire.

So does anyone have any insight on any or all of these? Yes it is a power top frame...this was verified. It looks correct and can function with one person to lower and raise.
So are the mounting brackets on a power and manual top different? Seems that that would be ridiculous as far as expense for chevrolet but my manual mount seems to have this tab that prevents the cylinder rotation....strange.
Is the pump that I bought for a different car.? Can the body just be rotated so that the mounting hole faces down in the back? I assume you loosen the bolt on the end and then just rotate the mid section and then retighten the bolt....does that sound about right?

Any help is I have all manuals...and they pretty much suck at showing the install. Anyone have a photo install gallery I can check out? :hurray: :beers:
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