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I am new to this so please dont beat me up too bad.
I have a 1968 RS Z28 which came with many options.
I have had the car since 79 and its been in the family since 71, the 302 went missing in 74.
The car was Corvette Bronze with Black Deluxe interior, remote drivers mirror and other options.
It has now only 64000 original miles on the body.
I went through the car in about 88 and replaces every movable part with nos parts, all bearings, tie rods, pitman arm, front springs drums, rotors, rebuilt the rear end, new quarters, new fenders, rebuilt the callipers and master cylinder, all brake cylinders, rebuilt the M22 and built an all roller 350 sbc with many serious parts like Oliver rods, Dart Heads, steel crank, rev bar, stud girdle, Victor Jr manifold, 750 premium edition carb, MSD and Mallory ignition parts and alot of other stuff to including taking the car to the metal and repainting it a color that I should never have chose (Black Cherry)
Since then I have put about 1500 miles on the car and only about 2500 since I bought it in 1979.
I have been collecting other NOS parts for the car for the last 5 years and Im sure you all know those costs (yes very high).
I have now just purchased a rotisserie and I am renting a 32 x 60 shop to get at it.
I am putting in a Anniversary Edition all Aluminium 427 number 357 of 427 made, a Tremec 5 speed overdrive tranny, Mcleod dual disk clutch, a Becool Aluminiun show and go radiator, all new deluxe interior, and very many NOS parts that I have collected for the past 5 years and there is many believe me.
There is still a few items I will keep looking for as I go forward with this creation but the car will be entirely original with a pretty serious drive line.
I need some info on exhaust though and advice would be nice and yes all stainless for sure.
Hopefully I will have a pretty nice ride when shes done.
This car is pretty sweet right now without the resto but what the heck its the love of old muscle right guys.
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