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Asked these questions over on the CRG site a few days back with no luck and very little response - so I thought I would try here.
I have a '68 Z2/8 with 61,000 miles on entirely original front end pieces and have found that it needs a new idler and pitman arm badly to rectify a lot of steering wheel slop and wandering around problems (surprisingly all other stuff is still in very good shape) that I am experiencing.
I have scoured many first gen supplier's websites and found that while most carry varied steering and front end parts for '67's thru '69's, none seem to carry Z 2/8 model parts which apparently are very year, model, and RPO dimension specific, and do not interchange well if at all, from what little I have been able to learn.
I recall seeing Z 2/8 specific pitman arms a year or two back advertised but lately nowhere have I been able to find any similar listings for either the pitman or the idler (which may be Z 2/8 specific also) now that I do need them...
Does anyone have a handle on what I might need part number-wise or where I might go to find these parts and care to pass along the info?
My car is a manual steering - regular (non fast ratio RPO) Z'ed version and NOS parts are not required - just good quality stuff that fits and works like original!...
Any comments, suggestions and /or help is most appreciated! - Thanks - Randy
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