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I have recently removed the complete factory ac system from my 66,000 mile small block '69. It was functioning fine when removed. I am changing to a Vintage Air 'Factory Fit' system. All of the parts are in very good condition except for the lower section on the suitcase which is damaged but an easy fiberglass fix. If shipping is needed , all parts will be packaged in foam wrapping and shipped in heavy duty storage boxes which will be sealed. See pics below.

AC compressor with brackets and hoses
Condenser and brackets
Evaporator and box with new blower recently installed
Inside heater box assembly, with factory core and a brand new core I had purchased
AC controller with cables
All under dash duct work
New AAW ac wire harness
AC glove box
Vacuum hose for controller and actuators
Left and right kick panels with vent controllers

$600 picked
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive design Bumper
Hood Ammunition Handgun holster Bullet Bumper
Hood Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive design Automotive exterior
Grey Auto part Electric blue Carbon Personal protective equipment
Rectangle Bumper Gas Automotive exterior Auto part
up (Raleigh , NC area)
$700 packaged, plus actual shipping cost
I accept Paypal
Contact me at: [email protected]
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