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1969 Camaro Radiator Code

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My 69 X55 L48 Camaro has this CB code on one of the radiator tanks with a M above and in between the CB. It is a 03C dated car. Is this correct for the car?
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Read THIS. It should answer your question.

The CRG report is great. It will show that yes the CB tank is correct for your car. The M indicates December.
Do you believe it to be original to your car?
Does the radiator still have the tag attached to the CB tank? Should have a big UH imprinted on it along with some other letters and numbers.

I dont know what the "norm" is as far as how pre-dated the radiator could be in relation to the car build date, but the original examples Ive seen have been within a month or so of the car. The most recent one Ive dealt with was a B dated CB in an 02D RSZ.
Ed, thanks for the link to that topic on the CRG site. I don't know how I missed that.
Doug, there is no UH tag attached to the tank and I cannot confirm if the rad is origional to the car or not.
Can anyone else with origional cars comment on how close their rad date code is to the car build date?
Thanks Everyone.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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