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I am looking at a 1969 Camaro Z28, it is from the Van Nuys plant. Is it true that the Z28's from the Van Nuys plant did not have the X33, X77, and D80 codes on the trim tag? If so are there any other ways to determine if it is real, or a clone? The numbers are as follows:Casting Number on Block 3970010
Front Pad on Block VO811DZ
Heads 3947041 (not right date code)
Intake Manifold 3932472
Exhaust Manifold 3942527 LH, 3946826 RH
Carburetor 780 Holley 3923289DZ
Transmission 3925660
Tail Shaft on Trans 3857584GM
Bell Housing 3858403
Rear End Housing BS 05046
Interior of the car is just as nice as the exterior. All console gauges
work and have never been replaced; they are the original deal. No cracks or
tears in the seats. Has AM factory radio. 8000 RPM TACH. Original Hurst
shifter with Chrome Knob. Shoulder belts as well as lap belts are still the
original belts. Carpet is in perfect condition.
Options Include:
. Exterior Paint 7272 Hugger Orange
. 711 Interior code
. Cowl Induction Hood
. Rear Bumper Guards
. Front and Rear Spoilers
. Rally Wheels
. 12 bolt Posi Rear end
. Front Power Disc Breaks
. Center Console with Gauges
. Standard Steering Wheel
. Shoulder Belts

I need some help, Thanks Ed

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Yes, it's true the LA build cars did not use any X-codes to identify performance or trim options.

When was it built?

The engine isn't original as the last Van Nuys car was built the third week of June 1969 using components dated before that. The 3970010 block was used on cars after late March, early April of 69 so it's not an early car. Not only is the head dates wrong, so it the casting number No Z28's had 041 heads.

LA cars usually have a chassis broadcast sheet on top of the gas tank. If it's there and it's legible, then you will know if the car was a Z28 or not.

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