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Taken from: Just '69s with wheel and tire sizes given...

Eibach 1" Drop Front, Hotchkis 1.5" Drop Leaf Rear
17" American Racing Torq Thrust ][ Polished 505s
Front: 17x8 (4.75" backspacing) - 5x4.75 pattern (American Racing 505-7863)
Back: 17x9.5 (5.5" backspacing) - 5x4.75 pattern (American Racing TT2 custom)
17" Kumho ECSTA SPT 235/45WR17 Front and 275/40WR17 Rear
Budnik Anvil 5's​

  • Hotchkis drop springs front (2") and rear (1.5") Koni shocks
  • Front: 17x8 (4.75" backspacing) Nitto 555's 235/45-17
  • Back: 17x9.5 (5.5" backspacing) Nitto 555's 255/45-17
  • 4 wheel manual disc's (C5 front & C4 rear)

"White Wonder"

Car can handle a full trunk and 4 adults with only very slight scrubbing on the inner rear fender wells when going through a steep driveway at an angle to avoid scraping.
Do fat and skinnies count?... LOL

Wheels: Weld Pro Stars
Tires: MT Sportsmans
Fronts: 26X7.5X15
Rears: 29X18.5X15

American Racing CL200S
17x8 (4.75" b/s) all-around
235/45's front / 255/45's rear

Latest setup:

Rushforth Superspokes w/smoked titanium finish and exposed hardware.
18x8 (4.875" b/s) w/Nitto 245/40's
18x10 (5.625" b/s) w/Nitto 275/40's


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Here are mine.

Billet Specialties "Street Stars" with Nitto 555 tires
Fronts are 17X8 w/ 4.75 bs with 245/45/17
Rears are 17X9.5 w/ 5.5 bs with 275/40/17
QA1's up front with mono leafs on rear.

Budnik Anvil 5's

Hotchkis 2" drop springs and rear 1.5 drop leafs
Front: 17x8 4.75" b/s Nitto 555's 235/45-17
Back: 17x9.5 5.5" b/s Nitto 555's 255/45-17
Baer 4 wheel disc, Koni Shocks

The wheels are Boyd Coddington Signature GT.
Front wheels are 17x8 with 4.5" of backspacing and 225/45-17 tires, rears are 17x9.5 with 5.5" of bs and 275/40-17 tires.
The car has just been lowered with a Hotchkis TVS, and ATS spindles. I have barley driven it, so I don't know if there are any rubbing issues yet.
17" American Racing Torq Thrust II
Front: 17x8 (4.75" backspacing)
Back: 17x9.5 (5.5" backspacing)
BFG g-force KDW 235/45WR17 Front and 275/40WR17 Rear


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Hotchkis suspension, 2" lower in front, 1-1/2" lower in rear. 15x8 mini-lites with 4-1/2" backspacing. Tires are BFG 235/60/15 front, 255/60/15 rear.
Intro Hammer 5's
18X10 rear-315/30/18
17x8 front-235/40/17
DSE Mini Tub
3"drop springs rear
2" drop hotchkins coils

American Racing TT2:s Polished

Front: 17 X 7 - bs: 4 - 225/45 R17
Rear: 17 X 9,5 - bs: 5,5 - 275/40 R17

Front: Lowered stock springs
Rear: Stock leafes with 1" lowering blocks
No minitube

15x8 4.5" BS at all 4 corners. 255-60-15 rear tires and 235-60-15 front tires. Hotchkis 1907C's up front. Stock rear leaf springs with 1" blocks. Lots of negative camber and button head screws for the front wheelwell trim.

Swapped on the 17" wheels from my 3rd Gen. 17x8" 4.5 BS 245-45-17 front and 17x9.5" 5.5 BS 275-40-17 rear...


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18'' Budnik Four Thirty's. Front is 8'' and rear is 9.5''

Stock frame rails with mini tubs and relocated springs. The rear tires are Hoosier 28 X 14.5 Quick Time Pro's on 15 X 10" Centerlines with 4-3/4" back spacing. The rear end is 56-3/4" flange to flange. Front tires are 165/65/15 Coopers on 15 X 3-1/2" Centerlines.

American Racing Torque Thrust II's
17x7 fronts with 4" backspacing and Riken Raptor P225/45ZR17's
17x9.5 rears with 5.5" backspacing and Riken Raptor P275/40ZR17's
Stock suspension.

One clearance issue to note, my exhaust pipes rubbed the rear tires & had to be modified, if you've got custom bent exhaust make sure there's clearance before sticking a 275 under there.
Coy's C-5
17x8 4.5 bs in back with 255/45/17
17x7 4.25 bs in front with 235/45/17
2 inch drop in front. no rubbing.


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Weld Rodlites
15 X 9 rear w/4" backspacing
15 X 4 fronts

Wheels: American Racing TTII's, polished
Tires: Nitto Extreme 555's
Front: 235/45/17 4.75 BS, Disc, Eibach 1" Drop Springs (3848)
Rear: 255/45/17 5.0" BS Drum, Hotchkis 1.5" Drop Springs (2407C)

From Center to Lip:
Front - 13.25"
Rear - 13.25"

Ground to Lip:
Front - 25"
Rear - 25-3/8"

No rubbing issues.

Woodward Ave
Ralley wheels
15x7 fronts with 225x70x15
15x8 rears with 275x60x15
RPO code N66 wheels

7x14 inches, 245/60 BF Goodrich tyres, stock suspension, no rubbing. Don't know the backspacing though.

Billet 18s.
18x7 fronts & 18x9.5 in the rears.
245/40/18 and the rears are 285/40/18

coys c-5 wheels.
front 17x7 4.25 bs with 235/45/17 hotchis 2" lowering
back 17x8 4.5 bs with 255/45/17 hotckis 1.5" lowering
no rubbing at all


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BF Goodrich Radial TA 235/60/15 front, 255/60/15 back.

18x8 TT2's.....5"bs...........245/40/18's
18x10 TT2's...5.75" bs.......275/40/18's

Front: 17x8 4.75" b/s Nitto 555's 235/45-17
Back: 17x9.5 5.5" b/s Nitto 555's 275/40-17

TTIIs and BFG Radial TAs
235/60/15 front 4.5 BS
275/60/15 rear 4.5 BS
1.5 inch drop front springs
1.5 inch drop rear springs with 1 inch lowering blocks
Slight rubbing on the front fender lips under hard cornering
no rubbing in the rear (fender lips rolled)

Tires are Gatorbacks. Front 245x15x50, rears 265x16x50. Wheels are Centerline Champ 500s. 8" wide in front, 10" rear. not sure of backspacing. The drivers side front will rub in a dip/right-turn with a passenger. Not bad. All springs original.


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American Racing, forgot what model though.
Front: 17x8 4.75 backspacing, 245, 45 tires.
Back: 17x9 5.5 backspacing, 275, 40s.

I've had clearance problems all around.

My front was several inches lower and rubbed like hell, if I hit dips it got pretty scary when they hit the wells. Changed the springs and it feels so much better now, looked way better before, several inches lower, but at least I don't have to worry about that now.

The backs rub on the inside, the rearend seemed to be offset so I put a 1/4" spacer and studs on the passenger side and it helped but when I turn up driveways and get it crossed up they rub pretty bad. Sometimes it almost locks up and I believe i've bent my driver side rim when I turned up a driveway to fast, thought it was the axle but when I was polishing my rim I noticed a weird wave on part of the dish.
Fronts: 225/55/16
Backs: 255/50/16

15X7 Wheel Vintique's Rally 4.5 " backspacing
BF Goodrich Radial T/A's

18x8 18x10 Rushforth Concept 1's
Nitto 555 245/40/18 and 275/40/18


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Front 215-60-14 on 14X6 Crager Street Lites
Rear 295-50-15 on 15X10 Crager Street Lites

17x9's and 17x8's centerline convo pros, no drivetrain right now, hence the 4x4 look!

15x7 Cragars and 225-60-15 front, and 235-60-15 rear.
I took "CUPCAKE" for its first road trip in 9 years. I did not see, feel or hear any rubs!!
18x8 & 18x9.5 CHROME TT-II'S

Chrome Foose Legends w/ Nitto Extreme NT555's
Front- 18x8 5.0" BS w/ 245/40/18
Rear- 18x9 5.25" BS w/ 275/40/18


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GW Upper and Lowers with QA1 coil-overs and AFX Tall Spindle (3/4" drop).
Rushforth Strutters, hidden hardware, brushed smoked titanium centers, polished lip in 17x8 with 5.00 BS on a 245/45/17 Michelin PS/2 Tire.

Mini-tubbed with G-Bar with QA1 coil-overs, with stock width Moser 12 bolt.
Rushforth Strutters, hidden hardware, brushed smoked titanium centers, polished lip in 17x12 with 8.25 BS on a 335/35/17 Michelin PS/2 Tire.

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