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What model GM cars and what years will be a bolt on interchange for a positive traction rearend. Please provide any and all acceptable 12 bolt interchanges. Thanks for all replies ahead of answers. If you know of a reliable/reasonable source please advise.

John Lighthart

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Direct bolt-ins that won't require any modification of the spring brackets or anything else will only come from a 67-69 Camaro or 68-74 Nova.
Anything else will either have the springs farther apart or closer together, and the axle tubes will be different lengths. If you want to have a professional shop move the spring brackets on the tubes, there's a bunch of rears that will fit. You'll just have to play with wheel backspacing because the axle tubes will place the hubs at different dimensions than a Nova or Camaro.

Take a look at this page from The Nova Source website:
It gives you the dimensions which are the same for Camaro also.
Check out the junkyards. If you can find a non-posi rear and then find a posi carrier inside a 12-bolt from a car that won't fit, you can build your own.

Finding a posi rearend shouldn't be too difficult. They're always for sale here in the Cars & Parts section or you can check out EBay. A 10-bolt rear will be easier and less expensive than a 12-bolt.

Sometimes converting your current rear to posi will cost just as much or less then finding a decent posi and then rebuilding it. Especially if you're looking for a complete rearend in good shape.
Good luck.

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