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Found this on Racingjunk sounds sweet

I'm considering selling my rare enguine ...but all the GM ZL1 Parts I have in NOS boxes must go with it. I keep wanting to assemble it, but probably never will. I always wanted to have it built back exactly the way its on all the Chevy Book Covers. I wanted to even have the steel parts powder coated black like in all the books.
Any way this is what I have:
* Original 1969 Aluminum Block - 052 Casting - June 1969 Date - Never Stamped & Never Decked. Outside of Block is flawless. Inside only needs one cylinder microsealed before NOS sleeves inserted.
* NOS GM ZL1 Enguine Block Sleeves - All 8 Standard - Now Discontinued
* Mint Original to this block since day one - #7115 Crank - Standard
* NOS in boxes Correct GM ZL1 Rods #9804 - Now Discontinued
* NOS in boxes Correct GM ZL1 Solid Lifters - Now Discontinued
* Mint Correct GM #7886 Floating Pistons - Now Discontinued
* NOS in Box Correct GM ZL1 #927 TI Distributor - With Dated Band - Now Discontinued
* NOS Correct GM ZL1 Special Performance Nodular Flywheel - Now Discontinued
* NOS Correct GM ZL1 Special Performance Oil Pump
* NOS Correct GM ZL1 Special Performance Water Pump
* Beautiful Correct GM ZL1 #074 Heads - All Rebuilt with Stainless - 1969 Dates.
* Mint Original to this block since day one - #198 GM Intake manifold
* Mint Original to this block since day one - Special ZL1 only GM Camshaft

I know it sounds to good to be true....But I do have this stuff and can take pictures with a card having your name on it in every picture with part in picture to prove it. But.......I will only go through the trouble if we are in the same ballpark for selling price. I know it will take a few thousand dollars to have someone assemble enguine correctly.....but this enguine may be the only one in existence with never having a serial number stamped on pad & never decked. So if your in the market for a Very Rare have found it. Just let me know what your looking to spend. Basically taking offers...but if you know what its value is and don't really want me out alittle with your opinion on what its worth.
I'm also a Corvette enthusiast since I was nine years old......I'm now 47. I own an extremely rare 1968 GM Research Center L88 Corvette Convertible with only 30,000 miles. (not for sale). Also a 1969 427/435 - 1965 327/365 & a 1972 Corvette Show Car. I only bring this up so you know that I'm not a junk collector but a true old school chevy enthusiast.
Drop me a line when you get a chance and if your serious about all the ZL1 stuff.
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