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Ok I know I its not a Camaro but a 1970 Trans Am is really the same car under the body panels. Plus I have been a Camaro owner for years so I could use some help from you guys.....

Well after several weeks of wheel and brake fitment measurements for my 1970 Trans Am, I have decided that I have to move up from the Year One Rally II 17x9 to the Wheel Vintiques Rally II 18x9.5. This will allow me to use the Forged Narrow Superlite brakes from Wilwood on the front and rear. They cannot be used on the 17x9 because it is actually a 15 inch inside diameter wheel. Anyway, lets not focus on that issue.
Here is where I am having trouble. The wheels come in 2 back space options 5 inch or 5 1/2 inches. How do I know what will work better for me? I am assuming the 5 1/2 bs on the rear tire will move the tire in towards the leaf spring and the 5 inch back space will move the tire out and away from the leaf spring.

How do I know what I need? The tires I will be running are

BFGoodrich Rival
245/40ZR18 front
275/35RZ18 Rear

Here are links to the 2 different backspace options
5 inch bs

5 1/2 inch bs
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