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Hello I have almost gotten every thing I need to finish my 1998 3.8 camaro 4l60e to manual t5 swap. My only problem is the wiring harness. The manual tranny that I'm installing came from a 1997 3.8 camaro.

1.) First, there is some kind of lever that was coming from the tranny to the the steering wheel switch. Is there anything I need to modify in changing the auto to manual switch? or can I just remove the lever?

2.) Secondly, there is two extra wiring connectors mounted to the pedal assembly for the clutch pedal. Is there any way I could add the connectors into the auto? For example would I need to ground and run it through a fuse so that the pcm can read it without popping off a code?

3.) Finally, the whole wiring harness that comes from the pcm that goes into the transmission has different connectors. Is there any way I could cut some wires and splice the tranny connectors so that they will fit into the manual? And will the pcm read it correctly without popping off codes?

I bought the pcm from the manual 97 camaro so I will be changing that.
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