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Here's a message I was asked to pass along by Molly Ellis who is working on a movie in San Francisco and looking for a 1st Gen Camaro. I do not know anything else about this other than what was emailed to me below. If you contact her, post back and let us know what it's all about and who the lucky owner is who gets to get their car in a movie!

To all you fabulous Camaro owners.... I am working on a movie that is being
shot in San Francisco and we are in need of a 67-79 Camaro. The film is a
comedy and a great chance to get your vehicle seen on the big screen in all
it's glory. The shoot starts April 17th and goes until May 20th. We will
only need the car for two or three days and are definitely willing to work
around your schedule.
Please contact Molly Ellis as soon as possible with your information and a
photo of your car.
I look forward to hearing from you.....
[email protected]
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