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Hey everyone,

Recently replaced radiator & thermostat on a 2000 camaro 3.8l automatic. To access the thermostat I partially unbolted the upper part of the the EGR tubing/pipe that runs from the valve to the intake which blocks access to the thermostat. I did not completely the tubing on the intake side. I replaced the thermostat, tightened the one nut that holds the tubing in place and plugged back in the electrical connection for the EGR. Almost as soon as I cranked up, the check engine light came on. Code is the generic emissions code (same one you get with the gas cap being loose, Advanced Auto checked code). Drove for several hundred miles and code hasn't gone away. There is no discernible loss of performance and gas mileage seems to be normal. I don't think I damaged the thin tubing between the valve and the intake, but it is fairly fragile. Anyone ever replaced the thermostat and caused the EGR to act up?


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