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Well, thanks to the forum and lots of pictures and evals, I had a plan to install 215/65/15's on 15x7's in the front and 245/60/15's on 15x8's in the rear. Tires and wheels arrived and everything.

Well, had a lesson on paying attention to backspacing, as my current setup is 215/70/15's on 15x7's in the front, and 235/70/15's on 15x8's in the back. The 235's do not exceed the lip, but they do seem to bulge out a 1/2" or so, making the front tire look a bit too small. Problem is that this rear tire is already at a 5" backspace on a 15x8 rim. One would think that a 235/70 would be super tucked under the car with that kind of BS, but it reminds me of pics I've seen of 255/60/15's on a 15x8 wheel with 4" BS.

I just put new springs in the front, which lifted me up about an inch as well, so I don't want to lose any wheel well/tire height, as it will look a little goofy.

So I figured since i wanted a little more meat on the front, with only a 1/2" gain in diameter, the 225/70/15's would serve that purpose on a 15x7 with 4.25" BS, and then just keep the 235/70/15's on the front, but place on a 15x7 wheel with 4.5" BS, instead of a 15x8. This should tuck the same wheel under another 1/2", which should be perfect. The Weld racing wheels are going away, and I'm going back to classic rallys.

I also looked at a few 'fully restored' 67/68's, and a few of them, more than I thought, were also using these same sizes. Is anyone else running a 225/70/15 in the front with a 235/70 on a 7" wheel? I'll post pics tomorrow.
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