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Hi everyone I just bought a single 3 3/8 phantom tach from J&M (Jack Move) speed center and am about to install it in a junk 69 dash I have. I used this same dash to try to install a 5" phantom but that was a waste of time, so now I have a huge cut up hole on the speedo side and perfect left side to work with. Just putting the face of the autometer in the uncut hole in the dash the fit is perfect. So this is how I plan on installing it so I can still use the idiot lights and turn signals.

First I took the cardboard ring off the gauge and put that in the dash and then layed the idiot lense over it. The lense did touch the cardboard ring even though the ring sits about 1/16 of an inch higher than the circle in the dash. Thats about as tall as the black ring around the face of the gauge.

Second I am going to trace the center of the cardboard ring on the dash and use that as a template because the ring fits perfect in the hole, so it should be centered.

Next cut the hole a little smaller than the traced ring so you can file it down perfect for a very tight fit.

With the gauge installed from the front of the pannel you should have a large enough lip to catch the larger plastic ring on the face of the gauge. The gauge will now be flush in the dash so you can use the supplied bracket that bolts to the studs to secure the gauge.

I havent done the install yet but the only problem I think I might run in to is the A/C vent that runs behind the gauges. The autometer should stick out of the back a bit if so I may have to find a way to space out the vent.
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