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I am currently in the process of rebuilding my numbers matching 327/275hp for my 68 RS convertible with power brakes, power steering, powerglide and 10 bolt with 3.55 gear. I just recieved my block, heads and crank back from the machine shop.
The block was bored .030 and plate honed, new cam bearings and brass freeze plugs installed and the crank was turned .010.
The heads are double hump 291's, they have new .5" cast valve guides that have been cut for positive seals and were hog bowled to install 2.02"/1.60" valves with a 3 angle valve job done. Valve springs are 1.250" and are 135lbs at 1.800". Screw in studs, guide plates and milled .010"

I would like to know what kind of cam shaft(hydraulic/solid and specs)would be good for this setup. If I go with a hydraulic cam will I need to change my valve spring to 110lbs or will the 135lbs ones work?

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Install a good old CC 270S or their 282S in her since it's set up w/ solid lifter cam springs now and go!

And if you want to run a hy-cam, go w/ anyone of a number of 268/270/272/274 cams and use .050" taller keepers to take a bit of spring pressure off them.

CC's 268HE, 2760 Magnum and XE274;
Isky's 270 Mega; and
Crane/Cam Dynamic's 272/272 Energizer and 274H06!

NOTE, NOTHING fancy here at all except for the XE cam.

Sucker should run like a "scalded-dog"!!!!!!!!! I had the great old Energizer in my about 10 to 1 CR., .040" over 300hp/327 and loved it!!

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