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4 Speed to auto conversion

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I'm restoring a 69 that was originally a 6 cyl. 4 speed. Plans are for a 454 with 700R4.
My question is about changing the pedals. Haven't seen any brake pedals for automatics in the catalogs.
Do I have to go to a junk yard? If so what year and model bowties can donate a brake pedal that will work. Will a brake pedal for an auto fit the brackets for the 4 speed brake pedal or do I need to do some fabricating?

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Watch ebay, They're on all the time, and cheap, too. maybe 10-15 bucks. Direct replacement. Just pull the pin on the 4 speed, and replace it with the auto. You might need new bushings, which are available from resto house....probably even a parts store.
i changed my 69 from auto. to a 4-speed i still have the auto pedal it is simple to change i'll let you have the pedal for 25.00 plus shipping thats what i paid for my 4-speed pedals let me know my e-mail is [email protected] or call me at 276-728-7786 or 276-766-3670
i have the auto brake pedal out of my Nova, if you are interested. i will sell it to you pretty reasonable. shoot an e-mail or respond here if you are interested.

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Don't do it! You are gonna miss all that shifting!

Just kidding. But if you're flush with cash, put an overdrive Richmond in it...

Good luck.

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I am doing just the opposite of you in my 69. I wish you would have said something two days ago. I promised a kid with a 68 that I would trade my brake pedal for his clutch and brake pedals. I think the 67/68 and 69 are slightly different. Do you have a console in your car? If so do you need the shifter and plate for the automatic? Let me know if you want the correct shifter parts for the auto, I have all the parts (the rod that goes from the column down to the shifter linkage, the shifter, cable and plate. Maybe we can swap some parts or something.


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Hey Novaderrick, you're in winsted? I'm up north at Mille Lacs Lake. If that Nova pedal will fit maybe we can meet I have relatives in Hutch and may be down there next weekend.
Is the pedal in good shape? Will I need a bushing for it to fit a camaro?

Hey ckaram... you're right I would miss shifting, but I get my fix from driving my 69 chevelle SS.

Hey camaroman7d....I may need some of you're stuff, I'll let you know.
Thanks guys.
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