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While building my 406 over the winter I posted and searched for information that made my build a success. The main concern i had was will she stay cool because half the posts expressed overheating problems while the other half said their motors never had issues. Well, I only have good news in Indiana we have had several days at 96/97 degrees and my 406 maintained 190 while driving and 195 at stop lights so my fears are over. listed below is my engine info and hope it helps others building a simular motor.

400 two bolt main
10 to 1 compression
Brodix IK heads
E274 comp cam
Edelbrock airgap
carter AFB 750
desk top dyno at 481 HP and around 500 lbs of torque
Standard oil capacity
700 r4 tran (hot running tranny's)
large tranny cooler in front of the radiator
Aluminum radiator with tranny cooler, 2-1'' rows, RCP brand from EBAY
sbc with ac fan shroud
14'' nylon 5 blade fan
50/50 antifreeze
1 bottle of wetter water
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