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462 heads?

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I haven't gotten an answer to this one yet (probably beacuse it buried in another post) so I'll post it by itself.
The heads that came on an LT1 according to HotRod magazine had 2.2/1.6 valves. Is that what we called 462s back in the late 60s? They orinally were 327/375 FI heads. If so are they bigger/better than all the alftermarkets I'm seeing with 2.02/1.6 such as Iron Eagle, Sportmans etc.
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actually, the old LT-1 heads were "492" castings with 2.02 X 1.60 valves. These are still available from GM (new) from places like The old 462's that you mention did not flow that well however. I've seen a couple articles where they were outflowed by 882 castings (which are widely regarded as junk). You are on the right track though, going with the aftermarket heads.
I figured so on the aftermarkets. I think I'm going to get Iron Eagles. Was there ever a head with 2.20 valve?
One of the mags, Hot Rod or Car Craft, Febraury issue just did a flow test on heads and the Vortec won hands down, but, I'm from the old school, give me a set of 461, 462's or 492's and I'll use those.

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There are no "factory" heads with 2.2 valves. There were some 2.02 valve heads. I have also seen some aftermarket valves like 2.080 or 2.100 but nothing bigger than that.
Maybe that's a typo in HotRod's Collector's Anniversary Issue page 30-31. The article is about 35 years of 350 and the subsection is referring to the LT1. It says it used the 327 360/375 Corvette heads that had 2.20/1.60 valves. All the specs sound mean to me but the 0-60 and 1/4 mile times were not that impressive?
According to Colvin's, 186's were the 1970 LT-1 heads.
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