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I currently have a 468 solid roller engine in my Camaro and am looking to replace it with a 502 that will run on pump gas. I am not selling the engine in this thread...just trying to determine what is may be worth.

What I know about the engine:

- 454 tall deck bored 60 over
- Forged steel crank - not a stroker
- Solid roller cam - 246/254 (3500-7000rpm range)
- LS6 heads (3994026) with 1.7 roller rockers
- Victor Jr intake
- large cap oil pan/oil pump

What I assume about the engine (according the person I bought the car from:

- 13.5:1 compression (race gas only)
- LS7 pistons
- 1 trip to the strip (don;t know how that was possible due to the condition of the suspension and steering. Couldn't keep it going straight or stop in a straight line.

I've had the engine on the street and it is NOT for street use. Fouling plugs with standard/heavy driving. You really have to be into the floor to keep the engine performing.

No idea what to ask for this engine although the receipts should at least $6K invested. As far as I know this is a race engine and only a race engine. The power is INCREDIBLE to be sure. Never thought there was any such thing as too much power...I was wrong! :D I won't try to tell you the HP or torque valuses because I have never had the engine dyno'd and don't want to base any value discussions on that anyway.

Does anyone have experience with the crowd that is into this type of engine? Thanks in advance for any pointers on value and where I might go to sell it.

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