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Sorry, I asked this question in the Drivetrain section on accident...Did 67 Camaros come with monoleaf 12 bolt rearends with a traction bar? If not, what could this thing have come out of? If so, what options packages included this type of rear? I am sure the traction bar mount and perches was not welded on after the fact. It is in a 67 RS/SS 350 car with a ton of options...air, head rests, deluxe, tach, guages, rear defrost, tinted power windows, remote mirror, power discs all is still on car and cowl tag matches). The car is rough and looks like it hasen't been restored. Thanks in advance.

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in 67 all ss and Z/28 came with single leaf and the torque link.
There were some early cars that didn't have the link.

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