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'67 327 2 bbl Rochester 2GV Fuel Line

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Hi all, new to the forum here.
I am restoring a 67 with a 210 hp 327 with the Rochester 2GV 2bbl and am down to the engine detailing. The original pump to carb line is long gone but has been replaced by a 3/8 aluminum line that was hitting the air cleaner housing. The people that did the aluminum line also bashed the air cleaner housing so it would clear. :sad: I am also looking for a housing if any of you guys know where to find one... Anyway, I ordered what I thought was the correct line from Ground Up and it doesn't appear correct. First, the line that is currently on the engine has a 90 degree bend going to the carb fitting and the new line looks like it should have a 90 degree fitting screwed into the carb fitting and oriented down to hook up to the new line. Does anyone know if there is supposed to be that 90 degree fitting on the carb? Second thing is is the line supposed to be 5/16 or 3/8? I am fairly certain this car was built early in 67 (maybe Jan or Feb), the last six of the serial number is 160736. I am under the impression that the early 67 cars had a 5/16 and after April they used 3/8, is that correct or is the line bent differently?

Here is a pic of the car cause I know people like pictures. :D

Thanks for any assistance!
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This is a link to the CRG discussion forum. It's more like this site as it has topics you can post in or, if you're a member, start.

While you'll no doubt get an answer here (lots of folks on both sites) it never hurts to have too many sources.
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