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I have that same question on my 67 Camaro color Deepwater Blue.
The CRG web site has this on the tail panel........
"There was also a paint color exception for the SS-396 tailpan black-out, but as far as we can tell, it was limited to black vehicles; in other words, only black (and special models like Z11 and Z10) SS-396 cars did not receive the (semi-gloss) blacked-out tailpans."

But then the CRG site says the lower sill panel paint info shows 4 colors that did not receive the blackout.........
"1967 Body Sill Color Exceptions"

AA Tuxedo Black
EE Deepwater (Dark) Blue
LL Tahoe Turquoise
MM Royal Plum
NN Madeira Maroon

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I own an original paint tahoe turquoise rs/ss L78, and it has the blacked out tail and rocker panels. I have read the that it should not, but either a mistake was made at the factory or the books might be wrong.

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