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67 door handle push button

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Ok, I got a good one for you. If you hadn't known, there are 2 or 3 different push buttons for the outside door handles for Chevrolet cars. I have 3 that are different lengths and have different tips that push the lever to open the doors. I would like to ask if someone will post a pic of the correct buttons for my 67 Camaro. Firebird is the same too. Can anyone help?
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OK I'll take a stab at it.

Here is a pair of nos pushbuttons to look at they look to be real close to original whether they are I am not positive.

The rods stick out 2" past button to end. PN#9709600

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I think the repro buttons are round at the end also, and the originals are flat on the end like the one in HOGs pic.
Does anyone know if that number is correct for our 67 Camaro's?
Back 15 years ago when I bought those there were 2 GM pushbuttons still available one for 67-68's and one for 69's which are longer if I'm not mistaken.
With a little research on my own I have found that the 67-68 Camaro's require the part number 9709600, and 69 Camaro's require the part number 9719686. I am not sure of the difference.
I think the repops are all long, and you cut it to the correct length. I had a perfect set of originals that were too short. I used a piece of nail ro make an extension,and a piece of brake line to make a sleeve. It was a snug fit, but I epoxied anyway. I used O rings from Ace to make the cushions.
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