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67 Manual Steering Box - Rebuild

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Greetings all,

Looking for a well written / documented "How To" regarding the rebuilding of a 67 Manual Steering Box. Looked through the archives and discovered information about rebuild kits and several places that will rebuild your old steering box but not really anything on a "do it yourself" effort.

Currently counting nickels and dimes (not the most fun way to do a restoration) and thought I'd give the rebuilding of the steering box myself some consideration.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Chevrolet Unit repair manual. It gives rebuild procedures for gearboxes, compressors, alternators, etc. Only about 120 pages or so.

The one I'm using I picked up off of ebay for my 78 Chevy truck years ago. It covers all 78 Chevrolets. I am currently rebuilding the power steering gearbox for my 68 Camaro using this manual. So far it is still relevant considering 10 years difference. I too am trying to save a bit here and there on my Camaro build by refurbishing when I can.

There is a section for the manual gearbox as well. If you'd like I could try scan and email. Send a pm with an email. Experience tells me the pictures are going to be big files. So it could be a bit slow sending.

After entering into this power steering gearbox rebuild, I now know why they are so expensive to buy.

Brett in Boise
This might work :).

I just finished my Power box on my '72...$39 for a kit. I broke the large piston ring and had to reuse the old one..other than that a good project. Last one I sent out was $300+..didn't want to ship it and wait this time...spring is here...always wondered how they worked and after rebuilding it I still wonder :D.
No more leaks and the pump quieted down..guess the fluid leak helped get air in the pump?

I cut and paste to make a word file and printed each picture..
Great links! Better than the manual. I knew I shoulda counted threads. oops.


Team Camaro ROCKS!
Great links! Better than the manual. I knew I shoulda counted threads. oops.

If you are referring to the upper plug adjustment..snug up to remove play in thrust asm (22ft-lb seems excessive- I didn't do that) and back off 1/2". Found a post by JimL82 that provides GM instructions below.

To adjust sector lash- I used my fingers to turn the input shaft and adjust lash until I felt it drag (David Pozzi suggest this in one of his posts) you can find via search as well. Couldn't get the in-lb torque wrench technique to provide much help..(These two topics were not accurately addressed in the internet links I posted initially- not sure about the manual box settings)

And back on topic ;) ..check out Jim Shea's (JimL82) website...there is a manual GM box overhaul file and lash setting as well. Likely same GM info as suggested above.
My worm gear bearings are pitted/corroded and out of round. They are bad enough that I can't tell which are the silver chromed ones vs black chromed ones aside from a couple of them. Also the piston worm bearing grooves are pitted/galled. Talking with Lee powersteering I could order a set of worm bearings but I would have to know what oversize I want.
I may be over technical about the worm gear bearing issue but I think it is important. I wonder what constitutes a "reman" gearbox at the parts store? The price at NAPA is $140 plus core. Which is $110 cheaper than going through Lee for a standard rebuild. I'd hate to have the steering lock up at 110 mph at the drag strip.......
Ah sounds like it had water in it...maybe new std brgs with a new worm and piston is needed?

Lares rebuilt one for me..I was pleased with quality..looks like they have these in stock..I think David Pozzi posted the p/ns for the various boxes in one of the threads I stumbled on...or maybe Jim..

1965-69 All 1274 202
1965-69 16:1 Fast ratio (order # 200 coupler) 1276 200
1965-69 New 16:1 Fast ratio (order # 200 coupler) 276 200

One on epay with BIN of $159...

Not sure where NAPA gets their boxes...
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