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How can I get original specs for
my 67 RS/SS ? I was hoping to get information like proper air cleaners, valve covers and details like that. Any help would be appreciated.


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Books - lot's of books....

or ask specifics as you go here...

for example - is your car a 350 or 396? CA emissions or not? some parts change mid-production - so when your car was built will matter...

to answer your specifics - assuming a SS350 - your air cleaner will depend on how your pcv setup is - but it will have a chrome lid (part of the SS option) - my pcv goes from back of block to carb - so I don't have a hose to the breather.. I've also seen a hose from the back of the block to the air cleaner on cars where the pcv was from the oil fill tube to carb.

again assuming 350 - you will have chrome valve covers with no holes - and "chevrolet" written in script across them (again SS option)

there are many many other details to consider (interesting topic alone is pulley setup)

I'd start with the big items first - for drivetrain parts - I like Chevrolet by the Numbers -

for how things are arranged and some part #'s - assembly manual

service & overhaul manual are handy as is fisher body manual.

get a copy of the brochures available advertising Camaro's - owners manual is some help.

And the 2 sites that have been of the most help to me - (Camaro Reseach Group) - (this very discussion board)

get to know other camaro owners - compare notes -

Start somewhere and start asking questions here - there is a wealth of knowledge on this board....

post your trim tag in the trim tag section of this board and we can start with what you had coming out of the factory...

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