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Yeah, I figured someone added the 12 bolt and the other SS stuff......
Most likely, however in 67, some 12 bolts were installed on non SS cars.
Quote from CRG
  • Most 1967 6-cylinder and 327 cars that were ordered with both positraction and axle ratios not commonly ordered in 10-bolt axle applications (2.73 and 3.55). The 2.73 ratio with positraction appears to have been only available with a 12-bolt axle in 1967, presumedly to reduce inventory. There is limited data on the 3.55 ratio axles, but it shows a mix of 10- and 12-bolt axle usage.
Get the numbers off of it if you want to check. 1967-69 Camaro Drivetrain Decoding (

Black on black, deluxe interior, RS....sounds like a desirable car to me!:)

Sorry I don't have time now, but here's info to help you decode the tag...
Camaro VIN, Cowl Tag, and other Numbers Decoding (

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Check the rear axle code as Garth said. Here's the tag decode using the decoder from CRG.

Decode for body number: 018322

03C = Built the Third week of March.
67-12637 = Custom Interior Coupe.
LOS = Built in Van Nuys California.
765 = Custom Black Bucket Seats.
Z = (A50) Strato Bucket Seats (without headrests).
A-A = Car Color is Tuxedo Black

1E = (A01) Tinted All Glass
2L = (M20) 4-speed floor shifter
2G = (D55) Console front compartment
2R = (U80) Speaker rear
3S = (Z23) Interior Decor group
3D = (U29) Courtesy Lamp
3L = (Z22) Rally Sport Package
5Y = (A39) Belts All Deluxe

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Nicely optioned black on black RS. Even if it didn’t come with it the 12 bolt is def a bonus!
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Thanks guys, appreciate it! Next dilemma, find a '67 small block to build or put the 496 I have in it? Thoughts?
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