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Have a new to me 67 Camaro convertible. It currently have oversize chrome bs wheels.

I am looking at replacing. I was planning on going 15x7 rally's in the front and 15x8 rallys in the rear.

However - i found a local deal for 4 15x8 Monte Carlo(4) Rally with Trims and caps.

Will I have rubbing issues in the front with 15x8 rallys with BFG TA Radials? Does anyone have a suggestion on tire size???

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What are the backspaces on these Monte Carlo wheels? You'll definitely have rubbing if going full turn of the steering, lock to lock will rub so you'll just have to avoid turning the steering wheel all the way over. I've got 235/15s on my front on 15 X 7s with 4.5 backspacing and the outer side of the tire just misses the fender when the fender bounces down by about 1/8" clearance and I have stiff springs. 15 X 8 wheels will bring the tire out just a bit more.

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hmm, you sure they're 8" Monte Carlo ? Check the code by the valve stem hole. Common 15x7 Monte Carlo are FW coded.

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I also have a 67CONVERT -a 15x8 on all 4 corners , a Stock type 67 wont look good ( IMO )
15x8 generally came on the vettes , 68 n up till aound late 70s to early 80s if i remember right .

the 67s came with 14s , im sure you would have no problem with a 15 on the front but use a 6 or 7 inch with an appropriate tire size. maybe a 205 or a 215 ...
I guess it depends on the style and look your after as well...

Garfielsds is right , FW - 15x7 , and BACK SPACE WOULD BE 4-1/4 on a MONTE WHEEL.
most comon rally wheel out there and came on a number of cars...monte"s , caprice , impalas , camaros...chevelle , 71 n up most any GM .( as stated in the Wheel code page )

i have 2 or 3 sets of FWs here

XA 14X5 B-3 1/2 67 Chevy II with drum brakes
DA 14X5 B-3 7/8 67 Chevy II RALLY with disc brakes
DG 14X6 67 Camero & Chevelle with dics brakes
XB 14X6 B-4 3/8 67 Chevelle SS, 68-69 Chevelle with F-70 Tires, 70 Chevelle
XN 14X6 B-3 3/4 68-69 Camero & Nova with drum brakes. Different shaped outer
AE 14X6 B-4 3/8 70 Chevelle Station Wagon
XG 14X6 B-3 7/8 68-69 Camero with dics brakes, 68-70 Chevy II/ Nova with disc brakes, 69-69 El Camino without disc brakes. Wider drop center than normal
DE 14X6 B-4 3/8 71-72 Nova & Chevelle, 6 hole wheels
YW 14X6 B-4 3/8 Exactly like XB, may have come on same cars
YJ 14X7 B-4 3/8 69 Camero/ Chevy II L72- ZL1, 70 Nova
AV 14X7 70-72 Camero, 71-72 Nova, 6 hole wheel
XT 14X7 L72- ZL1 Non Rally Wheel
YA 14X7 B-4 3/8 69 Chevelle SS Wheel
AO 14X7 B-4 3/8 70 Camero &69 Chevelle SS Wheel
DB 15X5 67 Passenger Cars with disc brakes.
DF 15X6 B-4 1/16 67-68 Camero Z28
DC (BIG) 15X6 B-3 1/2 67 Corvette, No other stampings on rim
DC 15X6 B-3 1/2 68-70 Passenger car, 67 Passenger car (early models)
FI 15X6 B-3 1/2 68-70 Passenger car, 67 Passenger car (later models) Rivited instead of welded together
YS 15X6 B-3 1/2 68-70 El Camino
FW 15X7 B-4 1/4 71-up most any GM
AG 15X7 B-3 3/4 68 Corvette (will take 15x8 Beauty rings)
YH 15X7 B-4 1/4 L72- ZL1 Z28 Rally 69 narrow drop center
AD 15X7 B-4 1/4 L72- ZL1 Z28 Rally 68 wide drop center
AV 15X7 70, 71, 73 CAMARO Z28 5 spoke wheel
AZ 15X8 B-4 69-82 Corvette
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