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68 69 original ( factory) BB AC System

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Looking at 69 AIM C60 D2 #4 ( 3925744) bracket. I have been trying to find this bracket for a looooooog time. My 69 P&A shows the # as rifrig. control valve bracket, so the bracket was available. The problem I am having is that the picture shown of the evaporator assembly and view A ( C60 D2 ) cannot be correct. If you tighten screw #1 you would crush the tubing.
My solution?
I need some help from someone that would take some pictures of the bracket in question and some dimensions.
Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not seeing how #1 screw would crush the POA valve hose aluminum tube. That screw goes thru the #4 bracket you are missing directly into the shown plate which is part of the "suitcase" assembly. The two brackets are butted up against the other. The main diagram is a little misleading, in that the exploded view sort of makes it appear that the tubing is sitting between the #4 bracket and plate on the suitcase, but it actually goes up and behind the plate on the suitcase, out of the way once you fasten the two brackets together with the #1 screw.

Have you tried this place? They also sell on eBay and seem to have the best availability of first gen AC parts. Might be worth a call.
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Post them up if you can, for future reference.
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