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68 Camaro 275 build

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Owned this car for a long time and finally gonna build it… was a ladder bar car and going back to a leaf spring car so here is a run down on build

68 ss 396 4spd
8.50 chromoly cage
smith race craft front subframe loaded with goodies
chromoly fab 9 rear end
calvert racing -1 lowered leafs
funkhouser goodies
cjrc front leaf pockets

more pics to come as I build it

dart block 388 ls
gt55 turbo
air/water setup
close ratio th400
goal is 1700-1800 hp

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Is that phone number on the crane from Virginia?
Nice project, what are your ET goals?

Ironic to see an original BB 4 speed car converted to a SB (ls) auto. Most go the other way.
All about weight. Goal is to go 4’s in 1/[email protected] 140+ and runs 7’s in the 1/4
Good looking ride... keep up the build posts

Welcome to TC
thank you. I will
Nice looking car! What does your car weigh? My car is built to go 8.50's but I might decide to add some bars so I can run quicker. Mine has gained weight over the last 35 years and the race weight is now a tad over 3,800 pounds but it's an all steel car with A/C and a glass hood. I decided to do away with the intercooler I just installed and go straight to methanol since it has two sets of injectors.
3000 lbs
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