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Always been a ford guy with my last being a 69 fastback. Figured I'd make my jump to Chevy a fun one. I scored a 68 camaro which is currently getting new sheet metal. The car is a rolling chassis/ shell and have already installed a currie wirh posi rear end. My goal is a fun daily driver very reliable. I've read a lot of posts but can't find any that cover all my questions so I've been piecing them together.
Here's what I'm leaning towards. Finding a 03-04 Cadillac escalade lq9 6.0 complete motor. Then pick up heads, manifold with rails, harness computer sensors ( which ones?)and peddle. And all for a ls3 (or should I go with a ls6 upper?). I'll go after market brackets. Do I need the altamator, ac power stealing pump for the ls3 ( or ls6) or do I get them for the lq9? I know I need the car version water pump for the ls motor. I plan on sending the harness and computer off to a company ( not sure who yet) and having them rewire the harness to go with my 4L60 or 4L80 and the painless or American auto wiring kit that will be installed in the car. Reprogram the computer and build a cam.
Does this sound about right and I'd take Any suggestions. If there are any complete posts about all of this that I haven't read please post a link. Also any companies they y'all have used for all the ls conversion parts I need like tank radiator motor mounts and such. This ole ford guy will take all the advise given
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