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68 Radiator Mounting

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Here's a question for you first gen Camaro experts. I'm helping a friend on the restoration of a 68 L89 Camaro. When removing the radiator, we noticed that on the pass side, the attaching bolts went into weld nuts on the core support...

On the drivers side, there were just round punched holes with rubber grommets in them, and bolts & nuts holding it weld nuts....

None of this appeared to be hand fabricated or mickey-moused that the way they came???

Please forgive me if I don't reply for a few days after tonight, as we will be on the road, taking the rolling shell down to the restoration shop in Missouri :hurray:
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yep, that's the way my '69 radiator is mounted too.
Same thing on the 67's. I have read the rubber grommet mounting is to allow for expansion/contraction of the radiator. Not sure how true that is, however.
Mark, that seems like a pretty believable explanation. When I look at the radiator on my 69 Chevelle, it is mounted in rubber isolators, top and bottom. If they were mounted completely solid, the vibration and twisting of the car could tend to provoke cracking over time.
They were rubber mounted on the drivers side to allow for expansion of the copper rad core.

Bolts and nuts thru rubber bushings were not original tho. Originally they used well nuts, expanding rubber plug with a threaded insert, no nut required.

The well nuts are available at the repro houses, my Ace Hardware has them too.

Thanks for the reply. The 'bolt and nut' thing could be misinformation on my part, as I was not present when the radiator was removed....I will have to see exactly what they removed from the core support. Hopefully they are still the original well nuts :)
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